IP Agri Trading Inc. supplies many different varieties of dry edible beans, and various special crops & pulses for commercial wholesale, dry packaging and canning uses. We are also experts in food grade non-genetically modified soybean production.

Offering our products either conventionally or certified organically grown.

IP Agri Trading Inc. is certified by ECOCERT® Canada.



Food Grade Non-GMO White Hilum Soybeans

We know soybeans…..handling only non-genetically modified (NON-GMO) varieties. IPAT offers fully traceable product, that is identity preserved (IP) back to the individual soybean variety grown, through to our final shipment of fully cleaned packaged product.

Soybean varieties are selected based on the intended end use market. IP Agri Trading Inc. has soybean varieties best suited for manufacturing tofu, miso, tempeh, soy-milk or whatever your need. Our staff will assist you in determining the best suited variety with proven profile characteristics to better maximize both end-product quality and more importantly yield!



Dry Edible Beans & Special Crops / Pulses

We are your experts for origination and competitive price discovery -whether it’s for canning, packaging, or even a specialized end-use requirement. We originate from across North American growing regions with key global supplier partnerships. Clients receive accurate market information allowing for better informed purchasing decisions.



 IP Agri Trading Inc. has the experience to get the job done, and the professionalism to ensure long term supplier support.