Ontario Planting Update

OMAF crop specialists report today  that many areas within the Southwest and Niagara regions of Ontario are expected to see significant switching of acres to soybeans as corn planting has been greatly delayed by inclement weather.  These regions ranged from 10 to 40% completed for intended corn crop planting whereas, the rest of the Province reports 90-100% complete.

Soybean planting has also been delayed due to wet weather in the southwest regions of Essex and Kent, however the majority of the Province’s food grade soybean planting regions are now over 75% complete.

Edible Beans in the Province are about 25-30% complete, as many areas are about 2 weeks behind normal progress for this time of year due to wet soil conditions. This delay is not yet considered urgent, and with favourable weather will cease to be a concern.

Continuing to keep an eye on this.