Food Grade Soybean & Dry Bean 2014 Crop Planting is a Wrap!

Dry Edible Bean Crop Update: Ontario, Manitoba, Michigan, Minnesota & the North Dakota growing regions are now generally finished new crop planting of dry edible beans. Good emergence has been reported in all areas, and only some selective replanting has been seen in isolated areas due to excessive rainfall (western regions).

The next 10 day forecast shows really no areas of concern. The dry bean crop is off to an excellent start. Weed and insect control will be a focus in the coming weeks with continued favourable weather.

Food Soybean Update: The vast majority of identity preserved non-gmo soybean acres are now planted right across the North American growing regions. Most plant conditions well ahead of the initial emergence stage into first to third trifoliate. Timely rains and continued favourable weather is needed to stay the course.

Overall conditions are excellent.  We’re off to a great start!