North American Dry Edible Bean Harvest in Full Swing

Harvest is now officially in full swing! All major North American dry edible bean production regions are reporting. Early indications for roughly the first quarter of the dry bean crop harvested, are that both  seed coat quality and yield per acre averages are nothing short of excellent.

In Canada – Ontario’s dry bean regions received showers over this past weekend that kept combines off the field early in the week. Growers are reporting favourable harvesting conditions starting up again today which if the current weather forecast holds; this years dry bean harvest will be in the bin in no time. We’re also hearing excellent yield in the upper 20 bags (cwt.’s) per acre range for Navy (white pea) beans and Black Beans. Let’s see if this good news holds throughout….

Manitoba is getting good weather which will allow the majority of dry bean growers to start harvesting this week. Again reports of excellent quality and yields continue.

In the US – Michigan is very much in the same shape as Ontario – harvesting starting again late this week with high yields and quality being reported in the first ~20% of the harvest.

Minnesota & North Dakota has been busy harvesting its’ dry edible bean acres with a continued great weather forecast that should allow a quick wrap up for most producers. No concerns worth reporting in this region.

Just returning from a field and harvest tour in Colorado and Nebraska this week – even here yields and quality of the harvested Pinto and Great Northern Bean crops look excellent. Light showers in the region Monday had delayed some harvesting temporarily, however overall this is seen by many as a positive event concerning seed quality. Harvesting should resume today with a positive dry forecast holding into the next 10 day outlook.

Much of 2014’s dry edible bean crop should be harvested within the next 10 days. Contact us directly for more details & pricing options.