Canadian Food Grade Soybean Harvest Update

Wet uncooperative weather has kept a lot a combines off soybean fields in Ontario’s growing regions – and to a lesser extent Quebec.

Trade participants peg harvested soybean acres in the Province of Ontario to be around 20% complete – behind normal progress, with Quebec much further ahead at 50-55% complete.

Wet and cool weather has kept many off the fields however the long range forecast is looking quite favourable.  The next 7 days for much of the Provinces growing regions has significantly lower chances of precipitation with partial cloudy periods, or full sun.  If this holds – a lot of soybeans will be harvested by months end.

Concerns for the balance of the crop are mainly moisture levels, seed coat integrity, and some isolated areas showing issues with green beans (frost damage in Northeastern Ontario / Quebec).

New crop food grade non-gmo soybeans will be available for shipment by middle of November. Harvested crop to date shows excellent quality, with average to slightly above average protein levels. Despite being a bit behind in harvested progress – if the current weather holds, we have no major concerns regarding the balance of the crop in the fields.

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